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Dear Heidi,

Thank you for your outstanding efforts in assisting us in all our mediation efforts.

Your explanation as to the method of mediation, issues, and subsequent outcomes was very informative and allowed me to understand the process during this very difficult time.

I really appreciate your care and concern for all matters relating to my daughter …. You understood that her welfare and mental being were of utmost importance.

Also I was very impressed with your professionalism and general concern for all and this was done in a very clear and focus manner.

I will gladly recommend you for any mediation services.

Thank you again

Jeff M


“On Behalf of my clients, and by opposing counsel, I think I speak for all of us when I thank you for the mediation which you conducted on April 25, 2001 in this matter.

We have had a settlement meeting which was not fruitful and you allowed the mediation to unfold in exactly the right manner to facilitate settlement.

Everyone was happy with the outcome and I thank you again.”

- D. Singer


“I wanted to thank you for helping us settle this case recently at mediation. You showed great sensitivity and skill in dealing with a challenging case. Good luck with your mediation practise and I will definitely consider retaining you again in the future.

Best regards,”

- B. Evans LL.B Trial Counsel


“I have known Ms. Heidi Mottahedin as a colleague for a number of years.  In my observation as a co-mediator and serving along side Ms. Mottahedin as a member of various committees, I have found her to be very professional, reliable and a person of integrity…

Ms. Mottahedin has excellent interpersonal and communication skills, is well organized and has the ability to deal with high conflict and difficult situations in an efficient manner.  She is well versed on issues of separation and divorce, child protection matters and alternative dispute resolution.   She is empathetic and patient and shows sensitivity towards the issues of the theparties, this coupled with her strong analytical skills allows her to effectively identify the needs of her clients and direct them to the appropriate resources.”

- Nancy Allen Deane; Mediator,  CSFP


“I met Heidi in fall of 1999 when we both started as roster mediators for the Unified Court in New Market. Since that time I have had the opportunity to co-mediate cases with her, and as such, can attest to her work as a mediator

Heidi brings a great deal of skills and knowledge to the mediation process. She demonstrates an ability to listen fully to each party in a caring, non-judgmental way, a keen sensitivity to her role as a neutral participant who is prepared to aid the parties in maintaining a dialogue, and a willingness to do everything to keep the parties focused on the future. She is very skilled at facilitating the creation of options for the clients and is very successful as a mediator.”

- Rodney M. John; Ph.D. Supervisor, Mediation Services
Unified Family Court, Newmarket


“I have no hesitation in recommending Ms. Mottahedin for all types of family mediation.  This is not only because of her sound training, extensive experience, proven record of cases concluded with client satisfaction, and unwavering positive outlook, but mostly because of her extraordinary talent in establishing rapport.  Over and over, I have witnessed her ability to connect with clients of diverse background, age, culture, verbal capacity etc. such that they are so encouraged and at ease with her – and very frequently, each other – that the calm, open environment ideal for successful mediation is coaxed into being and situations previously described as ‘intractable’ or ‘hopeless’ were resolved.

Ms. Mottahedin is well familiar with the unique stresses and high emotion specific to families going through a court process”

- Monica Missaghi; Mediator


“I have known Ms. Mottahedin as a colleague for a number of years and have done several joint mediations with her. As well I received feedback from clients referred to her. All comments were very positive.

Ms. Mottahedin is a very talented and effective mediator. She always acts in a very professional manner. She has an innate sense of justice, is ethical, reliable and very perceptive. She is a good listener in a caring, non-judgmental way and is excellent in assessing the clients’ needs. She is patient with clients and is able to calm a tense situation, make all parties feel comfortable, and create an atmosphere of mutual respect. Ms. Mottahedin speaks Persian and is sensitive to cultural differences. She has a solid knowledge of Family law.

- Charinee De Silva; Lawyer, Mediator


“I co-mediated with Heidi Mottahedin as a roster Mediator with the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program. During this time I have observed Heidi to be a very skilled mediator. Her collaborative and facilitative approach is very effective in helping plaintiffs, defendants and lawyers to stay focussed on what was important so that they could successfully resolve their conflict.

Heidi understands the dynamics of mediation not only from civil perspective, but as well from a Family Mediation perspective.  She has a keen ability to understand the context and effectively analyze situations within that context. She possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, which are so critical to the mediation process.

Heidi has a clear sense of the issues and her ability to empower the disputants and to frame their interests is commendable. She is principled mediator and she works hard at honing her skills, so that she can assist the disputing parties in creatively developing solutions for their problems.”

- Claude Grimmond; Mediator


“Heidi always acts in a very professional manner and has all the qualities required of a mediator. She is prompt, efficient, ethical, and reliable in all circumstances. During her mediation sessions, she is caring, has sharp listening skills and a strong sense of fairness….

Rita Czarny, Mediator


I want to thank you again for all your help so far.  I honestly wish we met you years ago.  He has never followed court orders, but he seems to follow your direction. I truly hope this is a step in the right direction to finally move forward with our lives and more importantly for my beautiful daughter.”

- Client


“Hi Heidi,

Thank you for all of your hard work on this family. Your work on behalf of this family has been most successful especially if you compare their progress with the state of affairs before you became involved!


- Sue; CAS Case Worker