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If you are unsure about which path to take, I can help you out.


Reconciliation - Can your relationship be saved?

Most couples who are seeking separation have marital problems and are unhappy with their marriage. To them, divorce or separation seems to be a quick way out of their dilemmas. But is it the right choice?

Different factors can cause family breakdown:  some couples have communication problems or have disagreements and argue repeatedly. Others have grown apart, or have developed different priorities over time.  As a result, the partners may have trouble finding common points of interest and develop difficulty relating to each other. The relationship has lost its spark.

While in some cases due to some fundamental differences, separation and divorce are unavoidable, most often the relationship can be saved and solutions found. The presence of a professional third party can help the parties to communicate more effectively, make healthier decisions, and choose whether to undergo counselling to build solutions to save their marriage /relationship or, if separation and divorce are seen to be the option, in the respectful environment of the mediation, the counsellor can ensure the most peaceful and amicable separation possible that results in achieving a fair solution while promoting positive relationships.

With our services, the clients have a choice. Marriage counselling helps the clients to build solutions to their problems, to build stronger and more fulfilling relationships and bring the spark back into their marriage. However, if separation and divorce is seen to be the option, the process of mediation helps the parties to have a peaceful, fair and less costly separation.



As a mediator and a marriage counsellor, my job is to save the savable marriages - and the ones that cannot be saved - to help them dissolve amicably, with minimum of conflict and bitterness ~ Heidi Mottahedin


The Process

In a calm, confidential and neutral environment, the couples have equal opportunities to share their thoughts and gain greater understanding of their relationship. Learn to relate to each other in a more positive manner, develop communication skills, and work towards co-operation and building a healthier, more loving and fulfilling relationship. By applying solution-focused therapy, our counselling can empower clients to be pro-active and take positive actions through immediate, practical steps.


Couples at a crossroad in their relationship, unsure what to do next

A couple settling their differences through counselling