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Benefits of Mediation

The benefits of mediation include:


Speed and efficiency

Mediation is designed to be an efficient and speedy conflict resolution process; rather than the slow and unpredictable process of a traditional court system, which can take months and years, mediation is responsive to the urgent need for a speedy resolution of conflict.


Defuses hostility, prevents conflict escalation

In a private and peaceful atmosphere in which both parties are made to feel safe and comfortable in each other’s presence, mediation aims to mitigate hurt, anger and despair.


Improves communication

Generally, communication breakdowns are the major cause of problems, particularly in family disputes. Mediation  facilitates and promotes communication and co-operation between the parties.


Private and confidential

Mediation avoids public exposure of personal and financial information. All information revealed is kept confidential, even if the case ultimately goes to court.


Reduced costs

Mediation significantly reduces the cost of resolving a dispute. It is usually a fraction of the cost of litigation.



Mediation empowers the parties to mutually tailor their own agreement, which will be more effective, creative and sensitive to their needs, thus e easier to accept and respect.


Win – Win

Unlike litigation where the objective is for one party to win, a mediated settlement is a mutually acceptable solution that lets both parties win.