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Child Protection Mediation FAQ

Common Child Protection Mediation FAQs

Q: What is child protection mediation?

Child Protection Mediation is a special form of family mediation. It occurs  when child protection services have become involved with a family due to any type of concern about the potential wellbeing of the child/children. Examples include when there is a question about the physical or emotional state of a child, possible neglect, or when friction between the parents or other adult members of the family reaches the point that it causes concern for the children’s well being.

Q: What does the child protection mediator do?

Child protection mediators receive specific training beyond regular family mediator training to qualify for this sensitive work. Their task is to assist the relevant family members (which can include parents, guardians, grandparents, siblings, etc.) to communicate effectively with one another as well as with the child welfare authority representative assigned to their case. The goal is for all parties to come to an agreement about the children’s care that ensures their safety and wellbeing, meets the requirements of the child protection service, is workable for those who are involved in the children’s care, and promotes healthy relationships between family members. The child protection mediator is impartial in the process, does not take any sides, and does not make decisions for the parties.  Rather, the mediator guides the process of communication to make it effective and smooth, so that the parties are best able to come to productive results.

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