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What is the Solution Focused Approach?

We offer Solution Focused Counselling

The Solution Focused Counselling Model is a positive and pragmatic approach to making personal changes that often result in dramatic changes in the client’s relationships. The guiding principle is to focus on building solutions, rather than problems. It is future-focused and it works with the strength of the clients by making the best use of their used and unused resources.

Clients come to our office in unfortunate situations. They are desperate, frustrated and confused. They are drained of their energy, both physically and mentally. They are in need of help to free them from their dilemmas. It is at this point that our counselling makes them feel help is at hand. Our amicable counselling helps them to see the positive aspects of their lives.

Every individual and relationship is unique.  The process we follow empowers the clients to recognize and utilize their own resources and strengths. It helps them to break away from the undesirable patterns of their lives and moves them towards a preferred future. It enables the clients to identify their goals and provide them with the skills and support to attain them. In this way, solutions can be more effective and long lasting, rather than simply offering temporary relief.