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Couples Counselling

“My job is to save the savable relationships”  ~ Heidi

Couples Counselling - Heidi is a Certified Solution Focused Therapist.

The Solution Focused Counselling Model is a positive and pragmatic approach to making personal changes that often result in dramatic changes in the client’s relationships. The guiding principle is to focus on building solutions. This empowering, goal-directed, future-oriented and respectful approach has helped numerous clients to identify ways to resolve/reduce conflicts peacefully and successfully.  Many clients report seeing improvements from the very first session.

The Process:

In a calm, confidential and neutral environment, the couples have equal opportunities to share their thoughts, gain greater understanding of their relationship and vision of their futures. They learn to relate to each other in a more positive manner, develop communication skills, and work towards co-operation and building a healthier relationship.

Every individual and relationship is unique, the process Heidi follows empowers clients to recognize and utilize their own resources and strengths.  She enables the clients to focus on their relationships, to identify their goals and provides them with the skills to attain them.  She helps them to break away from the undesirable patterns and allows them to move towards a preferred future. In this way, solutions can be more effective and long lasting.

By applying the solution-focused model, Heidi’s goal is to empower the clients to be pro-active and take positive actions through immediate, practical steps.